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Start with Why

It’s probably been 20 years since I first heard the term “blog.” They certainly aren’t a new thing. So why am I choosing to start one now? That’s a great question. It’s mostly because I think I have enough life in my rear view mirror that I can comment on some things. Some of the things will be related to my vocation, some of them will be related to music, and some will be related to things I’ve learned. These posts won’t be long and drawn out. They also won’t go through lots of editing; nor will they try and be doctoral dissertations on topics. There will probably be lots of things I get wrong.

Know that I’m favoring frequency of posting over just about everything else. The cadence will mean that I fall into the habit of doing it. But that’s not to say that I’ll be posting any old thing for the sake of banging out a post. On the contrary, I’m going to come at this like the newspaper columnists that I used to read when I was a kid. Local guys whose columns would show up every day or two; sometimes they’d be about a topic related to the section where their column appeared. Other times it would be about something completely different.

And I think it’s fair to say that’s what you can expect from this blog. Sure, my posts will probably skew more towards the professional side, but expect to hear from me about other things that cross into the personal space.

At the end of the day, I’m a writer at heart. I loved writing in school, and even majored in it. I did it part time while balancing a full-time gig as a writer. In recent years, I’ve spent way more time writing songs than I have stories or non-fiction. I’ve come to the realization that so much of the writing I now do is in the form of e-mail communications. And that so many of the concepts that I write about on a daily basis could be beneficial to others.

I think that’s where you come in, dear reader. I think there’s going to be plenty of interesting content in this blog for you — whether you know me or you don’t. As the posts continue and I get some feedback, I’ll undoubtedly find my niche; my sea legs. Here we go…

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