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Observations on Agile Software Development, Music, and Life

Long-form Agile posts are on this site.  For shorter newsletter style posts on the topic of change, follow my “Everything is Changing” Substack —

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The Role of Managers in an Agile Team

Introduction If you’ve read the Scrum Guide or checked out the SAFe “big picture,” you’ve undoubtedly noticed that there’s no mention of...

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About Me

I started in software as a Technical Writer on a Scrum team more than a decade ago.  It wasn’t long before I fell in love with Agile. I’ve served thriving organizations as a Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Senior Agile Coach, Release Train Engineer, and mentor.  I’ve even been fortunate enough to speak at a few conferences.  When I’m not working with people and teams, you can find me with my family, writing on Substack (, or maybe even making music as TLNGO (

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